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Sunday Rockpile: Who could have seen Jason Hammel being so good? And Yankees writers still don't get it.


Big Rocks:


Denver Post:

Hawpe undergoes quiet transformation - From super man, to super-duper man.

Krieger: Holliday's free agency pickle

Renck: Mets just a flawed fraud - Troy Renck goads the Mets. I've got a bigger post coming this afternoon that takes a close look at who we can expect to get rocked off the playoff contention boat in the next few weeks and who will stay afloat. The Metropolitans are in deep danger right now with an injury situation that could sink their season, but I'm not going to go so far as Renck does in writing them off just yet.

Hammel's Streak doesn't shock Apodaca - It doesn't shock me either, but nobody ever asks me anymore. Can I just take a moment to gloat about how right I was about the trade for him, though? No? Okay, sorry about that moment of pride, then.

Gonzalez hitting his stride




Grand Juntion Sentinel

Roling along: Baseball is way of life for Central graduate - Kiel Roling's one of the few Rockies minor leaguers that have Colorado ties, this Sentinel article checks up on him.


Crazy Flatlanders:


NY Times:

Okay, this first one's not so crazy and is actually an excellent read by Alan Schwarz about Jeff Francis

Jeff Francis of the Colorado Rockies has spent his time recovering from shoulder surgery to indulge a physics jonesthat he must usually keep under wraps.

Side note before we go on. Jim at the AZ Snakepit has written an excellent primer on labrum surgery in the wake of Brandon Webb's decision to go under the knife and outlines the difficulties players have coming back from it. We hope Francis is one of the lucky ones in recovery, and that Webb, well, is lucky so long as it's not as a D-back. (Bergen County Record):

Could Rockies closer Huston Street be fitted for a new set of pinstripes? -

In addition to the Marquis plus Spilly to Philly possibility, there also was apparently a strong chance that Huston Street would wind up in New York. This writer seems to think that the Rockies will fade and that possibility will come about again. As I'll explain in my later post, I don't think he should get his hopes up.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:


 Are the Colorado Rockies headed to a Rocktober Redux? | Texas Rangers |
The Colorado Rockies are putting together a run that has a familiar look.