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Wednesday Rockpile: Management discussing Carlos Gonzalez

Rockies remain stuck in fog, fall again - The Denver Post

"This was a tough game to lose, obviously," said Jim Tracy, who has lost three straight after winning his first two games as interim manager. "With the way things are going for us offensively, we have absolutely no room for error whatsoever."

Carlos Gonzalez a hot topic - The Denver Post

"He's [Carlos Gonzalez] knocking on the door, for sure," general manager Dan O'Dowd said. "We are having a lot of discussions about that right now."

When do the discussions end and CarGo makes it back to the bigs? And who loses out?

Barmes staying loose in new lineup spot | News
Clint Barmes likes batting second in the lineup, despite yesterday's showing.

Saunders: Hurdle's success — different - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders expounds on his view of Clint Hurdle: The former manager is a great guy, a winner, but just not a winner on the diamond.

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R.J. Anderson takes a look at how the D'Backs 2008 first round pick fared in his major league debut.

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Dave Cameron offers his All-Star lineup for the NL and has Ubaldo Jimenez as the Rockies' lone representative.