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Thursday Rockpile: Jim Tracy already grating on his team, Atkins to AAA?, Tulo's hand, Spring Training future

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Looking won't cut it with Tracy at helm - The Denver Post

Jim Tracy is like us. He is like everyone really. All of these backwards K's are grating on him. Six of the Rockies' 12 strikeouts Tuesday night happened with the bat never leaving the shoulder. Tracy's comment is obvious, but then again, there is a valid reason he is compelled to say it.

"I keep trying to send them the message that if you are standing there with the bat on your shoulder and the ball is passing through the hitting area and you don't do anything, you know what chance you have? None. Zero" - Saunders

Have a look at Hawpe and Helton | News
Two hitters who haven't fallen into that trap are Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe. Not surprisingly, the two are finding great success and seem to be immune from the flailings of their teammates. Tracy suggests the struggling hitters emulate their success. Anothre duh statement, but the apparent lack of the obvious move requires Tracy to voice it.

"So my big question would be from the standpoint of some of the other guys. These are your peers. These are your teammates. Are you asking them any questions about what their approach is? Or aren't you paying that close attention to a future Hall of Famer [Helton] that you're wearing the same jersey as when he walks to home plate to take an at-bat?" - Harding

Atkins' long fall back to Triple-A? - The Denver Post Patrick Saunders notes that Garrett Atkins' precipitous fall from success in past years reflects on the plight of the entire organization. We've all been asking it for a while, and now Saunders is as well. According to Tracy, allowing Atkins to recharge his AAA batteries not be plausible at this point due to rampant injuries. pedalpusher had the scoop on this in his FanShot this morning prior this column's publishing.

Tulowitzki to have an MRI | News
Troy Tulowitzki's hand swelled more after leaving Tuesday's game. The original diagnosis was a contusion, but the MRI might reveal a more serious injury.

Scottsdale backs tribe in bid for training site
The Rockies might be through in Tucson after Scottsdale backed a possible plan to construct a complex expected to cost close to $100 million on tribal land east of Scottsdale. The complex would be shared by the Diamondbacks and could open as soon as 2011.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Second Scoreless Outing For Daley
Matt Daley threw his second consecutive impressive scoreless outing for the Sky Sox last night.

Dissecting the Disabled List by Team, Position, Year and Injury - Beyond the Box Score
TucsonRoyal at Beyond the Boxscore labored through years of data and displayed injury trends for every team dating back to 2002. Among many other findings, the Rockies have lost the 8th most days in MLB due to players being on the DL in that time frame.

Pitch Count Theories - Beyond the Box Score Given this recent fanshot, I thought it prudent to share the many pitch count theories around, as compiled by Sky Kalkman at BtB.