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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies break a club record, power rankings, etc.

Nine-run seventh a Rockies’ road record : All Things Rockies Colorado
The big nine-run inning for the Rockies last night broke a franchise record for most runs scored in one inning on the road, besting the previous record of eight which was last achieved in 2005 at the Giants.

Flight problem delays debut for Gonzalez - The Denver Post
Carlos Gonzalez was supposed to start in left field last night, but was a late scratch due to a delayed flight. He was not able to get his warm-ups in, so Jim Tracy replaced him with Seth Smith.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Quick hits | News and commentary about the Colorado Rockies major league baseball team
Despite last night's seventh inning outburst, the Rockies still have a run differential of -24 in the seventh inning this season. Also, Ian Stewart has been the only Rockie to hit a three-run homer this season, doing it twice now - in three nights.

Tracy has strong arms in outfield | News
The Rockies have three above-average arms in the outfield now, with the addition of Carlos Gonzalez to go along with Dexter Fowler and Brad Hawpe. As we've seen, Seth Smith and Ryan Spilborghs aren't too shabby defensively, either. In fact, all in all it's a very solid defensive group sans Hawpe, who doesn't offer much outside of the cannon.

MLB Power Rankings - Top 30 MLB Baseball Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
The Rox slipped to #28 on Fox Sports' latest MLB power rankings. Check out what the author has to say about the club...dude's harsh.

Draft Reviews: Colorado Rockies | FanGraphs Baseball
Marc Hulet from FanGraphs has been posting draft reviews for all 30 Major League teams, and yesterday was the Rockies' turn. He gives his best and worst picks from the past three drafts, as well as a preview for Tuesday's draft. I'll be posting something similar later today in a Rockies Retro piece, but it will go back all the way to 1992.