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Sunday Rockpile: Ian Stewart's coming out party drawing raves

You have to go through four other great plays to get to Stewie's at #1, but it's worth seeing again.

Troy Renck writes that Stewart's play of late has made it imperative that he be handed a regular role with the team in his recap of yesterday's game:

The issue is no longer if he's going to play, but where. He can't go back to the bench. The days of platooning at second and third and performing more odd jobs than Arm & Hammer should end.

It's probably a difficult reference for a lot of younger people to catch given the way that even the Arm and Hammer brand has a specialized product for everything now, but the point's true. Stewart's carrying this team right now like nobody else has this season, and benching him would be a mistake.

For what it's worth, today Jim Tracy plans on sitting Todd Helton, who has been slumping over the last dozen games or so, hitting .195/.327/.366 since May 25 and certainly is looking as though he could stand to have a day off or two.

Renck's regular column this week looks at the Ryan Spilborghs roster issue, that is the one that seems to suggest that Spilly could be trade bait as there are too many outfielders with the big league club right now. As Renck alludes, Carlos Gonzalez' performance will be the real key, if CarGon's bat lives up to the advanced billing, the Rockies will need to make some action, if he continues to hit as he has in his first five MLB AB's, it might be wise to hang onto some guys for a bit of insurance.

His column also gives an update on Christian Friedrich, who I think won't make it to the show this year, but he could actually be competing for a rotation spot next Spring as Renck suggests.