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Monday Rockpile: June boom instead of June swoon? What a difference a week makes for Woody Paige

Two-run sac fly, but nice play by Gonzalez eliminates double - The Denver Post
This wrap-up of the game concentrates on Ubaldo Jimenez's strong start. After every game, U-Ball talks with Pedro Martinez. Let's hope Pedro isn't telling him to get into a smackdown with old coaches sitting on the bench.

Paige: June boom showing life signs - The Denver Post
Woody Paige, ladies and gentlemen--he needs no other introduction. Just laugh.

Barmes' rise coincides with lineup bump - The Denver Post

"The biggest difference is where I am hitting. Most of the year I was eighth, trying to battle, work counts and not miss strikes," Barmes said. "Moving up to second in the order (the day Jim Tracy took over), I cleared my head. I love the challenges of the two-hole."

Baseball America Draft Blog: Gibson Has Stress Fracture
Missouri RHP Kyle Gibson, a potential pick for the Rockies at 11, has a stress fracture in his throwing arm. Well, that is to say, he was a potential pick at 11 before this. North Carolina RHP Alex White and Sacramento State OF Tim Wheeler are good possibilities at 11 now.

The Clint Hurdle era -- The Hardball Times
Chris Jaffe looks at a few aspects of the Clint Hurdle regime, but he writes this gem of a line at the end:

"Overall, I don't think Clint Hurdle was that much of a manager, but I also don't think the Rockies are much of a franchise at the moment."

I think the piece should have ended with what was written earlier: "Hurdle? He was just that guy in Colorado"