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Sunday Rockpile: Trade Deadline will be no Halladay for Rockies



  • Troy Renck argues that trading for Roy Halladay doesn't make much sense for the Rockies because a cost he came up with (Ubaldo Jimenez, Ian Stewart, two top prospects) exceeds the expected return. He's right, I wouldn't trade for Halladay for that cost either, but the problem is that this isn't some real demand of the Blue Jays, just like whatever I or anybody else have speculated about isn't really a genuine demand. At that rate, sure, it makes little sense, but if you take Jimenez out of the equation it starts to make some. We can't know what that final cost is going to be, but by writing it off as completely unreachable before the process even starts shows lack of initiative. I sure hope the team itself isn't doing anything like that... 
  • Oh wait, Dave Krieger talked to Dan O'Dowd and found out that's exactly what the team is doing. Closing the door. Okay then. I'm going to now push some people's buttons and suggest that since the Rockies are shutting off the thought of adding an impact player at the trade deadline, it means that they are serious about doing what it takes to sign Tyler Matzek, right? Right? Rockies? Hello?
  • Renck also writes a midseason review of the Rockies. So far, not too shabby, not too fantastic either. Let's hope there's some more magic left for the second half.
  • Tracy Ringolsby asks for Inside the Rockies readers to make their own assessment of the team's first half performance.
  • And that seems to be about it, a slow Sunday before the All-Star break, although Lisa Winston, who's a big Young family fan, has more about EY2's Futures Game appearance today. That first linked Renck piece does have some other relevant notes, however, such as Seth Smith doing some work at first base and no interest from the Rockies for Freddy Sanchez. John Perrotto needs to get a better source it seems.