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Rockies Magazine Wants Your Input

Rockies Magazine is looking to run a piece in their August issue on favorite baseball books. Here's what I received:

For the August issue of Rockies Magazine, we are running a feature tentatively titled “Rockies Magazine Book Club.”  In it, we will be running a list of our favorite baseball books, and there will be a number of categories, such as non-fiction, fiction, autobiographical, about a specific event(s), analytical, influence in the game and “completely biased” - books about the Rockies, or that people in or closely associated with the organization have written/helped write.  

But we are a magazine of the people, and as such would like to solicit your opinion.  On the most basic level, we simply want to know:

What is your favorite book about baseball?

However, if you would like to add more input, we would of course love to have it.  So feel free to tell us what your top 3 or top 5 is, or if you have one selection for each of the categories above, please let us know.  

Thanks again!

Paul A. Swydan

Asst. Editor - Publications

Colorado Rockies

We've had some good discussion on baseball books over the last few months. Have at it.