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Thursday Rockpile: Jeff Baker traded, does Atkins move next? July 2 could be more busy for Rockies than usual

The Rockies have dealt one third baseman already this morning, could another be not too far behind? Rumors around Garrett Atkins have been heating up of late, Seattle Mariners reporter Geoff Baker (no relation to our Jeff) looks at him as a possible fit there. I don't think Atkins gets moved right away, especially with Ian Stewart slumping somewhat, but I'm not that sure Garrett stays past the July deadline, either. It will be interesting to see how this month plays out.


International signing starts today


July 2 marks the start of the international free agency signing period, and while the Rockies aren't usually active until later (they make a killing this way, picking up players like Ubaldo Jimenez, Jhoulys Chacin, Wilin Rosario and others) they may actually break from tradition and make a move or two today.

Of the top 25 projected bonuses to be handed out this year, two are connected with the Rockies, Rosel Herrera and Johendi Jiminian and both could be July 2 signees. Baseball America subscribers can read scouting reports of the pair here. The Rockies were in earlier on LHP Victor Payano, but he's believed to have a deal in place with the Red Sox. Baseball Prospectus' Kiley McDaniel, ESPN's Jorge Arangure, and Baseball America's Ben Badler are all covering the day in tweets and at their various sites. Keep an eye open for news on these players, I think all three sites require some sort of paid subscription for the best news, but the tweets are free.

Baseball Prospectus

ESPN (Insider subscription required)

Baseball America

Baseball America also has a blog post (meaning no subscription needed) about Brandon Hynick's perfect game Tuesday night.


Other notes and links


Drew Litton's latest Rockies cartoon shows that there's something big blocking the plate. The Rockies are angry with their series loss to the Dodgers, and feel that there's still something to play for in the NL West this year. That's good, because they could well be right. It's going to take the Dodgers stumbling, but it's important that Colorado keeps the pressure on. Of course, there's one more team to pass in the standings between them in the meantime, so that should become the next focus.

In that vein, Tracy Ringolsby notes that the Rockies road heavy schedule early is about to start paying some late dividends. So long as the team can bring the magic back to Coors, the Rockies are in a prime position to make another strong move this month. Also at Inside the Rockies, news of Joe Mikulik's enshrinement to the SAL Hall of Fame and the three Sky Sox headed to the PCL All Star game.

Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post has more on Taylor Buchholz's TJ surgery and recovery and a bit of history into the procedure. 

And Yorvit Torrealba's return makes Paul Phillips' status with the team uncertain.