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Rockies 10, Diamondbacks 6: Rockies take Wild Card lead on Whacking Day!

Have we seen anything more beautiful this season than what you see below?

National League Wild Card Standings

Colorado 51 42 .548 0 Won 2
San Francisco 50 42 .543 0.5 Lost 1
Chicago 47 44 .516 3 Won 4
Milwaukee 47 45 .510 3.5 Lost 1
Houston 47 46 .505 4 Won 1
Atlanta 47 46 .505 4 Won 2
Florida 46 47 .494 5 Lost 3
Cincinnati 44 47 .483 6 Won 1
New York 44 48 .478 6.5 Lost 1
Pittsburgh 40 51 .439 10 Lost 1
Arizona 39 54 .419 12 Lost 2
San Diego 37 55 .402 13.5 Lost 1
Washington 26 66 .282 24.5 Lost 5

(updated 7.20.2009 at 11:48 PM EDT)

Coupled with a San Francisco loss to the Braves, Jorge De La Rosa led the Rockies to the top of the Wild Card standings Monday night. We saw Really Good Jorge De La Rosa on the mound tonight for seven innings. A lone Mark Reynolds homer was the only blemish for JDLR during his six strikeout performance. Oh, and he had two hits and drove in two runs.

The offense took off with a two-run double by Troy Tulowitzki in the first and Dexter Fowler two-run homer in the second, his fourth of the season. Seth Smith added two runs on a single in the third, and Chris Iannetta notched the 10th run in the fifth inning with his 11th homer. Oh, before I forget, Brad Hawpe stole his first base of the season.

Then came the eighth and ninth innings. Joel Peralta allowed two runs on three doubles before Franklin Morales induced a double play to end the inning. Not that bad after you look at the ninth inning. Manny Corpas allowed a leadoff triple and then an RBI single. He then recorded two outs before failing against Stephen Drew, who hit a homer. Huston Street started to warm up in the pen, but that was uncessesary as Corpas finally got the last out.

Still, Wild Card leaders!

51 - 42


Won 2


Graph and Row Call after the jump.



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