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Thursday Rockpile: Jhoulys Chacin getting a call-up in wake of Corpas' surgery?

Wow, I picked the wrong day to take a mental break.

Anyway, as Redhawk notes in yesterday's Manny Corpas thread, Tracy Ringolsby has more on the story about what the Rockies are doing to cover for him. Jhoulys Chacin was pulled early from a start last night "as a precaution" but the writing seems to be pretty clear that he might be getting a big bump to Denver. We don't know if it's directly related to Corpas' surgery, however. I think we've got to keep an open mind that it may also be a precaution for the rotation in the wake of Jason Marquis' blister troubles.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal has a source that confirms that Chacin will be getting called up, likely in relief.


Despite a pretty strong gate, Rockies attendance has fallen to almost 10% off of last season's pace after this series, however keep in mind that home dates #42-#44 last season were July 2-4 so we're not exactly comparing apples to apples. What will really be telling is what attendance does from this point forward, starting with this weekend series against the Giants. What I want to see are regular 40,000 plus crowds, even against unpopular opponents. And I also want to see a half dozen home playoff games or so... make it happen Rockies.

Todd Helton to the Hall? He hasn't bought a ticket yet, but he should be getting stronger consideration if he continues to perform fairly well over the remainder of his career. More post-season heroics would help to, Todd. Hey, I've got an idea, why don't you get a World Series MVP trophy this year? Then you'll really be golden for Cooperstown. I'll probably be adding more links later. I want something up to get us started.

I'm also working on a big article about how the Mets and Phillies are screwing over the NL when it comes to evaluating the strength of the two leagues, which I was going to post at Beyond the Box Score as Fanpost, but am now wondering if I should just put it here instead. That might come up today in addition to whatever Jabberwocky has planned with Purple Row Academy.