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Colorado Rockies trade for Rafael Betancourt

Putting the pieces of the story together, this morning Ken Rosenthal reported that the Indians and Rockies were talking about Rafael Betancourt in his article confirming the Jhoulys Chacin call-up. Rumors about a pending deal have been heating throughout the afternoon, and Ed Price at AOL FanHouse has a source that says it's done. Now we're getting more substantial word that the Indians will likely be announcing the trade in a press conference this afternoon. Still no word on who the Rockies will be sending to Cleveland, but we will update this post as more comes out.

UPDATE: According to the comments, a Cleveland news station is reporting that the Rockies will be sending RHP Connor Graham to the Indians to complete the trade.

Quick analysis: It's a good exchange, Graham's got some upside that could make him better than a reliever down the road, but the more likely scenario would have him working out of the bullpen as a late inning power arm, which is exactly what Betancourt is.

UPDATE 2:The Denver Post confirms Betancourt for Graham

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