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Monday Rockpile: A big apple a day will keep the Braves at bay...

After a successful ten game stretch out of the All-Star break that has seen the Rockies go from two games behind in the wild card standings to two games ahead, the crux of keeping that lead now falls onto the Rockies shoulders. The team has to prove more capable of the task then Milwaukee, San Francisco and other teams that have held this spot only to see it slip away in more challenging portions of the schedule. The Rockies, embarking on a ten game road trip, have just such a portion of the schedule right now.

As for the NL West, Matt Holliday says he still watches what his friends on the Rockies are doing and hopes they get back to the playoffs, his new team could help that process along by beating the Dodgers this week.

The Rockies bullpen situation is greatly improved with the addition of Rafael Betancourt and Jhoulys Chacin, but Manny Corpas says don't rule him out for a return before the end of the season. 


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At Purple Row we were arguing that JDLR was better than people realized going into the season, and for quite a while it looked like we would be the ones eating crow, right now that's not appearing to be the case anymore.