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Fernando Tatis and Mets imply that Rockies bullpen might still need help.


Thank you Mets for making us aware of this potential situation right before the trade deadline:

J Rincon: L Castillo Walk 67.3 %
J Rincon:  D Wright Walk 76.3 %
J Rincon: D Murphy  Sacrifice Hit 77.7 %
J Rincon:  J Francoeur  Intentl BB 77.5 %
F Morales F Tatis  Home Run 98.6 %


In case you haven't guessed, those numbers on the right indicate the Mets odds of winning as the bottom of the eighth inning unfolded. So, uhm, Juan Rincon can't throw strikes, and apparently Franklin Morales is hittable on occasion. This probably needs fixed before we go much further along here...

Troy Tulowitzki and Clint Barmes homered, but the Rockies had issues throughout the game coming through with baserunners on. One Tatis sized blast from our side could have changed the tenor of this thing, but in all the Rockies stranded ten runners, five of which were in scoring position.



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