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Wednesday Rockpile: Rockies Need to Overcome their Big Apple Problems

With another Rockies loss in the Big Apple last night, Colorado once again is forced to share the Wild Card lead with the San Francisco Giants. And you know how the Rockies hate sharing. Not only are the Giants back in the mix, but if the Rockies look over their shoulder they'll see teams like the Cubs close behind.

I'd advise the Rockies to avoid looking back, though. They just need to focus on lifting whatever unholy hex it is the Mets have placed on the Rockies once they enter the Big Apple.

Clint Barmes had a rough day of it from the eight-hole, leaving six men on base, as his prolonged slump continued. However, as Troy Renck writes, Jim Tracy has Barmes' back. This is a nice sentiment and Barmes has been great with the leather, but I hope that when September rolls around (I know they won't do it sooner) the Rockies will give Eric Young Jr. an opportunity to show what he can do at second base.

Despite the loss, Jason Marquis is the Rockies' MVP, Mark Kiszla writes--a sentiment that I just can't really get behind. I guess to me a pitcher going every five days can't be a team's most valuable player. Besides, the rest of the starting rotation has been pretty special too.

Kiszla invokes the double standard of the Coors Field effect (hitters discredited, pitchers ignored) and he had me until (he couldn't help himself) he mentioned the Rockies' financial constraints in writing that the Rockies wouldn't even try to re-sign Marquis (which, incidentally, I don't think they should) or make a big trade at the deadline (again, not something I would do).

Meanwhile, at Inside the Rockies Jack Etkin details the organizational movement caused by the Rockies' recent roster moves. Most intriguing to me is the news that top prospect Christian Friedrich will be likely moving to AA Tulsa after two more starts--it seems that the Rockies are finally putting the southpaw on the fast track.

Finally, Peter Gammons writes about the use of top prospects as power bullpen arms, citing Franklin Morales (who is listed as 21 but is actually 23) and Jhoulys Chacin as prominent examples. Technically Morales isn't a prospect anymore, but the general point is well-conveyed.