Curious what you all think of the Cliff Lee trade?

I see lots of people ignorantly bashing this deal on, but I think Cleveland made out like bandits.

Carrasco is struggling with the shift to AAA this year, but I think that the dude is going to be a superstar. Donald projects to be a solid utility guy, maybe a starting second baseman. Marson is supposedly one of the better defensive catchers in the minors, dude hits 300 and draws walks. Yeah, he doesn't have power, but he looks like a Jason Kendall type of guy to me. I know nothing about the Single A guy (Knapp), but he has more strikeouts than innings pitched, so sounds like solid upside.

Lee had 2 months remaining on his contract. If they weren't going to sign him anyway, getting 4 high end prospects is a great move.

What do you all think?

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