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Friday Rockpile: Rockies not trading for Mark Hendrickson

The Rockies aren't concerned about the moves made by their rivals. The Giants added Freddy Sanchez and Ryan Garko and the Dodgers added George Sherrill, but neither team added the same kind of three or four win player we've seen teams add in the past to help their stretch drive. In my recap last night, I did neglect to mention one other NL team besides Philadelphia that may have, St. Louis by bringing in Matt Holliday.

The team as constituted will pretty much have to suffice, as one of their last targets, Mark Hendricksonwill apparently be staying in Baltimore. Steve Foster at Inside the Rockies says that the Orioles wanted either Eric Young Jr. or Matt Reynolds for Hendrickson, the Rockies reluctance to part with the latter is a little surprising, but Reynolds has emerged as one of the Rockies best left handed relief prospects, with only 2009 draftee Rex Brothers looking like real competition for the top spot on that list.

Split success for Rox in N.Y. doubleheader - The Denver Post