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Rockies win 5-3 over Reds

All right, so I missed all of this one. But it seems like it went like this: Yeah, Hawpe drives in a run on a force out and then Tulowitzki doubles. Yay! Oh no, Aaron Cook allows a run on a sac fly, but it's still all good. Then DOOM doesn't deliver much doom, but it's still a run. All right Cook's still doing well out there--no, he just allowed back-to-back homers. Hmm, Cook comes back in the seventh, but wait for it, he and Franklin Morales keep things in check. Dreamy--BLAM!! CarGo--BLAM! BLAM! Rockies take the lead 5-3. Huston Street records his 27th save.

All is well.

56 - 47


Won 2


The graph and Row Call after the jump



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