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Monday Rockpile: The Natinals, I mean Nationals, come to Denver

Offense still has work to do with batting average - The Denver Post
Is the best yet to come for the Rockies offense? Jim Tracy thinks so.

Hawpe, Marquis named to Midsummer Classic for first time - The Denver Post

Hawpe, Marquis humbled by All-Star nods | News
I bet Hawpe really wants to start the game with all the injuries to the "starters" in the NL outfield.

Paige: Feather in cap within Dan's grip - The Denver Post
1: Determine Clint Hurdle's fate during the first-half of the season - check
2: Determine Dan O'Dowd's fate during the second half of the season - yet to be done
Corollary to 2: O'Dowd needs to do this, that, and the other thing.
3: Dependent on 2.

Federal Baseball has you covered on the Nationals front from the love for Ryan Zimmerman to a take on Scott Boras, Stephen Strasburg, and a "threat" to play in Japan.