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Game #85: Tommy Hanson vs. Aaron Cook

Tommy Hanson

#48 / Pitcher / Atlanta Braves





Aug 28, 1986

That Hanson, he's so hot right now...


Aaron Cook

#28 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Feb 08, 1979

In my foray into the land of the Braves today I discovered that they don't like to be challenged with claims of other NL rotations being decent and it really irks them to see that the Rockies are actually ranked ahead of them when it comes to pitcher value this year. I didn't even point that out. I said "virtual tie" and was mocked derisively for it. I did find one empathetic ear, and he wrote up a nifty series preview at his blog, so I'm giving him some link appreciation. BigJoe at Bravesheart, I do appreciate you expressing your more level headed view.

Alright, tonight's an interesting test for the young pitching phenom opposing us, but the kid has been thrown into the fire already with starts (and fantastic results therein) against the Yankees and Red Sox among others, so the Rockies lineup can't really be seen as an upgrade to what he's had to face in the past. It could be seen as a trap for him, however, if he's unaware that there's danger lurking in these hills. At the same time, let's hope the good Aaron Cook returns tonight after his rough start last time out.

At any rate, I think it's time for our offense to play some mountain ball and do something about these Braves pitchers being so close behind us. Go Rockies!


Atlanta Braves @ Colorado Rockies

07/09/09 6:40 PM MDT

Atlanta Braves Colorado Rockies
Nate McLouth - CF Dexter Fowler - CF
Martin Prado - 3B Clint Barmes - 2B
Garret Anderson - LF Todd Helton - 1B
Brian McCann - C Brad Hawpe - RF
Yunel Escobar - SS Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Casey Kotchman - 1B Ian Stewart - 3B
Jeff Francoeur - RF Chris Iannetta - C
Brooks Conrad - 2B Carlos Gonzalez - LF
Tommy Hanson - P Aaron Cook - P