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Tuesday Rockpile: It's (another) great day to be a Rockies fan

In case you haven't heard, the Rockies signed top pick Tyler Matzek - something I honestly didn't think would happen, and judging by everything I've read in the two months leading up to this, most other people were in the same boat. Here are a few links to articles/blurbs highlighting the deal:

Denver Post

Inside the Rockies (where it all started)

MLB Trade Rumors

The Oregonian

Addicted to Quack

There will obviously be more reaction as the day goes on. Stay tuned.

More links about other things after the jump...

Marlins series reveals Rockies' blemishes - The Denver Post
Jim Tracy is concerned at the Rockies' awfully high number of strikeouts during the series in Miami - 39, to be exact. Troy Tulowitzki attributes the number to the umpires' wide strike zones, while Tracy is more on the side of guys missing pitches earlier in the count that they should be hitting. Striking out is nothing new to these Rockies; they are on pace to break the franchise record of 1,209 K's - which was set last season.

Crowded at the Corners in Colorado | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Eno Sarris from FanGraphs has a piece profiling the Rockies' outfield situation - specifically, the corners, where Seth Smith, Ryan Spilborghs, Carlos Gonzalez, and Brad Hawpe all fight for playing time. Hawpe is obviously the mainstay out of the group, but the other three all have skills that justify them being in the lineup. That said, CarGo is emerging as the best of the bunch, though Smith's performance still may have something to say about that.

Jimenez's confidence growing daily | News                                                                   's David Villavicencio has a good piece on Ubaldo Jimenez as part of the preview for tonight's game.