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Wednesday Rockpile: Tyler Matzek Interview; Carlos Gonzalez takes well to leadoff spot.


Baseball Beginnings and Sports Illustrated


John Klima at Baseball Beginnings has Tyler Matzek's first interview since signing with the Rockies. In it Matzek admits that he really was gunning for $7 million, but at the end of negotiations thought his best option was to start professional baseball in the hope of reaching the majors quickly. It's very rare to get a high school prospect with as advanced an arsenal and polish as he has, so a rapid move through the system seems quite possible.

John Manuel, who writes for Baseball America and Sports Illustrated, says that the Rockies were one of the big draft deadline winners because of the Matzek deal. Thank you Tyler for compromising, and thank you Rockies for sticking your necks out on this bonus.


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