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Thursday Rockpile: The road to the NL Pennant could run through Colorado

Okay, with just over a quarter of the season left, it's time to start thinking about locking up home field advantage throughout the NL portion of the playoffs. Right now, the Rockies are 3.5 games behind LA, 2.5 behind Philly and one game behind St. Louis. A somewhat safe number to overcome all three teams would be 30 more wins, but we could probably pull it off with 29 as long as four or five of those came against the Dodgers. So 25 wins in the other 35 games means losing tonight's not really an option. We have to beat San Francisco and LA and San Francisco again. And then keep on winning through the rest of September.


Too soon? :)

Okay, obviously I'm giddy about this:

NL West Standings

Los Angeles 71 50 .586 0 Lost 1
Colorado 67 53 .558 3.5 Won 3
San Francisco 66 54 .550 4.5 Won 3
Arizona 54 67 .446 17 Lost 4
San Diego 51 71 .418 20.5 Lost 1

(updated 8.20.2009 at 10:01 AM EDT)

And how it makes so many people so wrong, just by virtue of being as close as it is. Clearly nothing's decided yet, though and the next eleven games should tell us how far we should get our hopes up.

At any rate, here are some links:

Inside the Rockies

  • Jack Etkin gives a recap of last night's game including the note that Jason Marquis' win last night, mixed with a no decision for Adam Wainwright in St. Louis, puts the two in a tie for most W's in the NL.

Denver Post

LA Times

"The Rockies are a good team -- winning a lot of games -- so it makes every win even that more important," he said. "I guess every loss is a little bit more disappointing, but we still control our own destiny."