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Friday Rockpile: Who says the four-letter network doesn't give the Rockies any love?

Jason Hammel and the Rox made the front page of How about that? I know some people around here have an insane hunger for "national attention," and if that doesn't satisfy it, I dare you to keep on reading...

Baseball Tonight Clubhouse: Colorado Rockies still rolling along - MLB - ESPN
Tim Kurkjian previews the upcoming Rockies-Giants series. He thinks that the Giants don't have the offense to keep up with the Rox, while Colorado's pitching is good enough to hold their own against San Francisco's, citing the success/consistency of Aaron Cook, Jorge De La Rosa, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Jason Marquis. From the sound of things, he's heavily favoring the Rockies to take this series. That would obviously be huge for the guys in purple.

MLB Draft Blog - Winners and losers of the draft - ESPN
Keith Law posted a quick top/bottom five as far as how teams did in this year's draft. The Rockies were in his top five. In Law's more in-depth look (Insider only), he gives the Rockies a "tremendous amount of credit" for being able to sign Tyler Matzek. This line by Law is great:

In fact, the Rockies spent most of the first day standing in the draft room with their arms out: "Oh, you don't want to take the best high school pitcher in the country in the top 10? Okay, thanks, we'll take him instead. … Hmm, are you guys sure you don't want the lefty throwing 95 with a plus slider in the first round? Fine, we'll be happy to grab Rex Brothers in the sandwich round."

He also goes on to say that the Rox may have a steal in Nolan Arenado, provided he can prove his worth at third base.

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