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Game 122: Jonathan Sanchez vs. Aaron Cook

I don't know if you've heard, but this series is kind of a big deal. A sweep may put the Giants away for good, while a sweep the other way may severely damage the Rockies' playoff aspirations. This seven game homestand (plus the three games immediately following vs. the Giants) will be crucial in Colorado's hunt for Rocktober.

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The Rockies send out their red-bearded warrior, Aaron Cook, against Mr. No-Hitter, Jonathan Sanchez to open the pivotal series.

Jonathan Sanchez

#57 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





Nov 19, 1982

Sanchez has been pretty volatile this year, to say the least. His road record has certainly been less than stellar (1-8, 5.20 ERA), though he has been performing better than his 4.49 ERA (4.16 FIP). And there's that whole no-hitter thing too. I suppose that counts for something.

Aaron Cook

#28 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Feb 08, 1979

Cook needs to bounce back from a rough outing last time against the Marlins--and the anemic Giants lineup may very well be the perfect remedy for what ails the sinkerballer.


San Francisco Giants @ Colorado Rockies

08/21/09 7:10 PM MDT

San Francisco Giants Colorado Rockies
Eugenio Velez - LF Dexter Fowler - CF
Edgar Renteria - SS Ryan Spilborghs - LF
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Todd Helton - 1B
Bengie Molina - C Garrett Atkins - 3B
Nate Schierholtz - RF Brad Hawpe - RF
Travis Ishikawa - 1B Clint Barmes - SS
Aaron Rowand - CF Chris Iannetta - C
Juan Uribe - 2B Ian Stewart - 2B
Jonathan Sanchez - P Aaron Cook - P