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Rockies Review, or This isn't really a Rockies Review so much as it is Russ rambling and making his readers groan because no one else needs to know about any of this (except for the last part)

So Silverblood left me in charge of Rockies Review for this weekend. Time to make this the nerdiest Rockies Review you've ever read and will ever read.

Or so I thought it would be. It was going to be a story about Dinger having read the latest Star Wars novel, Abyss. He learned about mind walking in it and he was going to go beyond the shadows, much like Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben. He'd have then visited the Lake of Apparitions and encountered Matt Holliday. See we'd learn that Dinger misses Matt terribly and really thinks the Rockies could use him to make the playoffs a certainty. But Dinger would find out that Matt doesn't believe that Dinger should place all that hope in any one person. The new guys the Rockies brought in were good enough to get the Rockies into the playoffs.

That situation parallels an event in Abyss when Luke and Ben meet Anakin Solo, Han and Leia's youngest son who died about fifteen years earlier. Anakin was the great hope of the Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and he died a stupid, terrible death (no, really, it was so stupid that fans are still hoping he returns, even after Luke and Ben met him in the "after life.") Anakin basically told the father and son that it was wrong to pin so much hope on one person, that each person has their own light.

But somehow before I even got to writing any of that, I attempted to summarize a decade's worth of Star Wars literature to help you better understand the situation. It was supposed to be a short summary, but it went on for far too long: Alien invaders who can't be felt in the Force, stupid New Republic government, death to all Jedi, Anakin dies, Jacen Solo gets tortured (a lot) and meets a bird, Jacen and bird escape and stop genocide of the alien invaders, bird dies, Jacen and others find a living planet that helps end war, Jacen goes off on a journey for five years, Luke becomes a ninny, possibility of endless war, Jacen dams himself by becoming a Sith and starting a Second Galactic War. All that then would have brought us to the Dinger story.

I went back and tried to cut out most of it. I then got it down to: Alien invaders who can't be felt in the Force, Anakin dies, and years later Jacen becomes a Sith and dies. But that left out so much that I deleted all of it and wrote everything above. So, I guess I did just write the nerdiest Rockies Review ever in a way.

And if you're still reading at this point, I'm sure you're wondering, "Is Russ actually going to write something about the week that was for the Rockies?" The answer is: a bit, but only a bit.

The Rockies: [Chris Rock voice]Ain't nothin' wrong with that![/Chris Rock] (I hope some of you get that reference.)

And wish Silverblood a happy birthday a few hours early. Happy birthday Silverblood, a great friend and the coolest girl I know.