Rockies starters with consecutive starts of 6 or more innings

Well, a combination of getting up too early today and getting excited about the Rockies got me thinking about Ubaldo's streak of 22 consecutive starts with 6 or more innings pitched. I was wondering what the longest such streaks were for Rockies pitchers. I went to the great starting pitching database at, and exported the Rockies starts in their history. After some excel magic, I got the following info (please excuse the rough formatting):

Pitcher Total Date(s) of last start in streak
Ubaldo Jimenez 22 8/23/09
Brian Bohanon 13 9/29/00
Jason Jennings 13 8/20/06
Kevin Ritz 11 7/13/96
Roger Bailey 11 6/4/97
Aaron Cook 10 7/15/2006, 4/29/2007
Darryl Kile 10 6/27/98
Jason Marquis 9 8/19/09
Mike Hampton 9 9/3/02
Pedro Astacio 9 6/12/99
Jeff Francis 8 6/8/07
John Thomson 8 8/17/1997, 9/13/1998

Ubaldo has been on an amazing run. If someone can give me a pointer to flat data from all teams, I can see how his streak is in an MLB context.

Only one real surprising name on the list - Roger Bailey? Really? I had to double check that to make sure my formula was right :) His streak started at the beginning of the 1997 season.

We traded Jason Jennings after his incredible 2006 season - got back some pieces that helped us get to the World Series in 2007, and Jason has not been the same since he left.

Cook's been a horse with two streaks of 10, we're going to miss him. But he clearly wasn't right over the past month or so.

And Brian Bohanon! One of my favorite stats from 2000 (pre-humidor, remember) was that he tied Randy Johnson for lowest road ERA in the NL that year - 2.79! Home ERA 6.65. Maybe one of the final straws that led to the humidor.

It feels truly awesome to have a legitmate ace - we'll take on anyone in the post-season!

For reference, I have added the longest such streaks for the New York Yankees from 1993 to 2009 - same timeframe as the Rockies, maybe even a little easier in the AL because of the DH, and clearly the best team in baseball over that time. Ubaldo beats this collection of future Hall of Famers and championship stalwarts.

Pitcher Total Date(s) of last start in streak
David Cone 18 6/23/1997
Melido Perez 17 7/20/1993
Orlando Hernandez 16 4/29/2000
Roger Clemens 16 9/18/2000
Andy Pettitte 15 6/16/1997, 8/30/2003
Mike Mussina 14 6/10/2006
Randy Johnson 13 6/16/2005
Jimmy Key 13 8/23/1993

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