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Tuesday Rockpile: Spilborghs slays Giants, news spreads across country

Last night explains everything.  Why I spend hours every day reading, writing and researching the Rockies.  Why I will never ever turn off a Rockies game in extra innings.  No matter what.  Everything.  That. Was.  Beautiful.

With one swing by Ryan Spilborghs, the Rockies have vaulted themselves into the conversation in the NL West again, and practically everyone is finally acknowledging them.  With one swing, Ryan Spilborghs found redemption for a disappointing game and season.  A wrap of links regarding the game:

Rox jolt Giants with grand slam in 14th inning - The Denver Post

Rockies' dramatic win ends with celebration, anger toward umps - The Denver Post

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Rockies 6, Giants 4 (14 innings) | Major League Baseball in Denver

San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies - Recap - August 24, 2009 - ESPN

I felt like joining Spilborghs in crying in celebration of his feat.

For all of you out there pining for respect from national outlets, you're beginning to get it.  Well, not from Steve Phillips, who confidently and calmly stated:

The Dodgers are going to end up winning the division, if for no other reason than they have the most balanced roster in the division.

Buster Olney must be hording all the purple Kool-Aid at ESPN.  His latest ESPN blog entry gives love to the front office:  Colorado ownership said yes, and the results have spilled forth since - Buster Olney - ESPN

And in case you're wondering about whether last night's game was buried in the side links sections on national websites, check out the front page screenshots of ESPNSportsIllustratedTheSportingNews, and  All Rockies. 3855426697_d6431c5566_medium

Even EricStephen at TrueBlueLA has backed off from his "The Division is Over" stance he's had for months to give the Rockies their proper due.  His story this morning:  The Climb Of The Rockies - True Blue LA.

Contrast that with the reaction at McCovey Chronicles.  I guess I can't blame them.  Their playoff aspirations are in serious jeopardy.  

R.J. Anderson at FanGraphs posted an article before yesterday's game comparing this season to 2007.

Speaking of postseason odds, check out the freshest version .   The Rockies are given a 75% chance to make the playoffs and 14% shot at the division (1 in 7).  The Giants have a 93% chance of missing the postseason.  Bye bye Giants.  You should have added more than Garko and Sanchez.

Other Links

Giambi talks about signing with the Rockies : All Things Rockies Colorado
Giambi talks about signing with the Rockies : Denver Post – Colorado Rockies news and commentary Colorado

Fowler likely out for a few days with right knee injury - The Denver Post
Fowler likely out for a few days with right knee injury

Mailbag: Honor thy skipper - The Denver Post
Mailbag: Honor thy skipper

Kiszla: Rockies get last laugh - The Denver Post
Kiszla: Rockies get last laugh

The latter has an awesome quote from Todd Helton to Mark Kiszla after the game:

"What are you doing here?" demanded Rockies veteran Todd Helton, giving the evil eye to an intruder in the Colorado dugout as he picked up a piece of lumber on his way to batting practice. "We aren't losing. So why are you here?"