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Wednesday Rockpile: Rockies Fever Goes National

Well, in light of their second straight extra innings victory, this one bringing them within two games of the NL West lead, the Colorado Rockies are being veritably showered with national attention.

For the second straight day, the Rockies dominated the news at the major online sports sites, with another feature in ESPN's BBTN by Peter Gammons lauding the pitching staff and calling Spilborghs' slam the "best home run moment this season". CBSSports' Larry Dobrow is now a Rockies fan.

Meanwhile, ITR writer Tracy Ringolsby writes about the secret to the Rockies' success on Fox Sports. Particularly worthy in Ringolsby's eyes is Ubaldo Jimenez--a theme that others are latching on to more and more.

In response to Jimenez's fine performance against Tim Lincecum, several analysts have weighed in on his ace-status. ESPN's Rob Neyer doesn't think he's there (but still compliments his work), while Fangraphs' Dave Golebiewski crowns him an ace. Keith Law also adds his scouting report.

Disciplinary Action for Umpires, Players?

These articles from Fox Sports and the Denver Post examine the possibility of disciplinary action taken by MLB for both the umpires and some Rockies players (Torrealba and Tulowitzki most prominently) for their actions in Monday night's thrilling win over the Giants. If MLB suspends or fines either Rockie, it would be an overreaction and a travesty for all involved.

Other Links 

Josh Fogg will make his first start as a Rockie since Rocktober 2007 in a crucial game for the club. If the Rockies can beat Randy Wolf and the Dodgers with Fogg, they will guarantee a series victory and will at least in some respects demoralize their opponents.

Lost in the shuffle a little bit was Eric Young, Jr making his big league debut (replacing the injured Dexter Fowler) and getting his first hit.

True Blue LA: Rockies Draw First Blood; Loney Fail, Rockies Prevail

Rockies Playoff Odds: BP has the Rockies at 80% to reach the playoffs, 19% to win the division (PECOTA odds 75/28, ELO 83/33). Coolstandings has the Rockies at 74/24. Here are the Rockies' chances graphically. This shows that even if the Rockies play .500 ball (18-18, which would give them a 90-72 record), they would make the playoffs two thirds of the time.

LA Times: Game Recap, Dodger Thoughts, TJ Simers writes about Jim Tracy