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Rockies 1, Dodgers 6: Rockies stop streakin' as Randy Wolf quiets the bats

Let's face it. We knew those good vibrations the Rockies had recently were going to end, and that they did tonight. Josh Fogg didn't live up to his 2007 namesake; rather, he pitched more like the guy Purple Row groaned and moaned about in 2006 (all right, that was mostly me since we only had ~20 members then). He allowed six runs on three homers, in addition to walking four.

But, uh, Juan Rincon was awesome tonight! Yeah, I didn't expect to type that tonight.

There was a whole lot of nothing for the Rockies' offense tonight outside of Ryan Spilborghs' third-inning home run (8). Eric Young Jr. had two hits, but he was caught stealing again on a basepath blunder.

Oh well, they'll get the Dodgers tomorrow afternoon.

72 - 55


Lost 1




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