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Friday Rockpile: Shorthanded Rox enter (another) big series with the Giants

Loss doesn't deck Rockies - The Denver Post
The Rox are still upbeat despite losing 2 out of 3 to the first place Dodgers. They'll need to stay that way to be able to make it through the weekend with a victory or two, as they face three pitchers that they haven't had much success against all year. When your best chance of winning (based on recent history) comes against the reigning Cy Young winner, you know you have a problem. The Rockies have hit Tim Lincecum better this year than they have hit Barry Zito or Matt Cain, and they haven't hit "the hair" all that well, either.. Here's hoping for a breakthrough.

Baseball Tonight Clubhouse: Giants look to get even with Rockies - MLB - ESPN
Tim Kurkjian picks the Giants to win two out of three in the upcoming series, mostly because the Giants' pitching staff is in good order, as discussed earlier, and because they'll be looking for payback.

Krieger: CarGo's a no-go at key time - The Denver Post
Carlos Gonzalez left yesterday's game with a bruised thumb - an injury unrelated to the self-inflicted stab wound he received last weekend. He injured himself diving for a fly ball hit by James Loney in the fourth inning. He is unsure if he'll be able to go this weekend against the Giants. It will obviously be a big loss if he misses any one, or all three, of the games.

Character questions cool interest in Penny - The Denver Post
The Rockies, who are dealing with a similar situation to the one they dealt with in 2007 (with Aaron Cook on the shelf back then as well), look like they aren't showing much interest in Brad Penny, after all (also confirmed by Buster Olney HERE). The Rox have a few internal options, most notably Russ Ortiz. Renck/Saunders mentioned in the article that Ortiz pitched well in his first start with Colorado Springs. The thought of Russ Ortiz taking the vacated spot in the rotation doesn't exactly tickle me pink, but I know there aren't a whole lot of options out there. I know this has been beaten to death, but do you think the Rox should give Chacin/Hynick/somebody else in the minors a look before inserting a guy like Ortiz, or - gasp - giving Fogg another start? It may benefit the club to simply put a guy in there who has yet to be seen at the big league level that can throw strikes, but that's just my opinion.

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Torrealba to be fined for flap with ump | News
While there will be no suspensions for Monday night's issues with the umpires (as previously reported by Tracy Ringolsby), Yorvit Torrealba will be fined an undisclosed amount of money. Umpire Bill Miller will also have to send a check to the league office for his indiscretions in the situation.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Elbow Surgery Looms For Frazier | Major League Baseball in Denver
Parker Frazier has a torn flexor tendon in his pitching elbow and if he ends up having surgery, could be out for about nine months. Frazier has pitched well for Asheville as of late after a rough start to the season.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Rosario, Gomez, Holcomb Headed to AFL | Major League Baseball in Denver
The three guys mentioned above, along with a few others, will play in the Arizona Fall League in the offseason.

Rangers release former Rockies standout Jennings - The Denver Post

The former Rockie was replaced by another former Rockie in Pedro Strop. For those of you thinking the Rox should pick up Jason Jennings to replace Cook: NO. He's been terribly ineffective since the all-star break and has been pitching out of the bullpen all year, so he's not stretched out to the point where he can start. Plus...well, just no. No.