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Monday Rockpile: How to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away

No. 1: The Larch


No. 2: The Denver Post

No. 5: Inside the Rockies

No. 3:

The in-season managerial change is a tricky two-part operation, the dismissal and the hiring. You have to be correct twice to make this move work.

Ha-ha, Rockies rule, D-backs drool. No actually, if you haven't been paying attention lately, the Snakes are a slightly better than .500 team over the last thirty or so games. They are a dangerous spoiler that shouldn't be overlooked.

No. 4: Miscellaneous

This Giants writer actually recognizes that both San Francisco and Colorado shored up their greatest weaknesses at the trade deadline. The story that the winner of the NL wild card will come down to the head to head contests of these two teams is taking greater shape as we move along. All five NL West teams, yes, even the Padres, won their series this weekend against teams from the other two divisions. I'll have more on this later as I attempt to fill Poseidon's shoes for the NL West report this week.

A couple of updates on recently dealt former minor leaguers:

Yanks use strong pitching to sweep Red Sox 

It's H-I-R-S-H, Hirsh. - Pitcher is happy closer to home 

It wasn't much of a secret that former Colorado Rockies pitching prospect Connor Graham was the newest member of the Cleveland Indians last Thursday. It seemed like everyone knew he had been traded for Indians reliever Rafael Betancourt.

Everyone except...