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Sunday Rockpile: Rockies going through final rinse, hoping to make it through spin cycle

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Yep, there you go, the baseball season as a load of laundry in the wash metaphor. I had something much longer planned this morning about how we as fans assess players, how we tend to look for replacing parts rather than fixing them, whereas coaches and the F.O. would much rather take the opposite approach. Which side is right will depend on the players themselves, it seems. Some are truly beyond fixing and with these the fans calling for their ouster will be correct, but others have the talent within them to be successful with contending teams with some correction.

Chris Iannetta may be a poster boy for this. Some feel he's the most overrated of the Rockies here, but if you read the comments to last night's game thread you will note that the number calling for him to be removed outnumber those of us that aren't. I really think he's shown that he can be a quality catcher, last season as well as his rapid rise through the minors, and I think the lows we're going through with him this year are just a part of his development. I understand completely that this is not the only viable conclusion to come to with our slumping catcher, and that these lows could represent an irreversible turn for the worse. I just don't think there's enough evidence either way to say for sure which side is correct yet.

If Iannetta does come out of it in September, as he's convinced himself that he will, I won't have any feeling of vindication, it will just be one of those situations where the glass we can't really see right now turned out to be more than half full.



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It's stating the obvious, but as you saw from my recap to Friday night's game, there's not much anybody can do beyond that at this point. Anything more comes across as Woody Paige/Mark Kiszla, and the team's performance to date this season hasn't really called for that.


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