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Tuesday Rockpile: Who is the center fielder?

Battle on Center (Field) Stage

Pair of rookie OFs making great strides - The Denver Post
In 2007, there was little question who filled in the A-lineup, but Jim Tracy has had a challenge finding one this year. Go with the old or young - both with lo averages? Eventually Ian Stewart won out. Go with the quietly reliable LF or the struggling, toolsy young man attached to both Dan Haren and Matt Holliday? Eventually, Seth Smith got the nod. Now we have another position battle on our hands, but this time, both players are young.

Who starts with Dexter gone Fowl? Does Dex know or does the CarGo? Fwhee.

Ugh. That Woody Paige moment was made possible by a lack of coffee. I feel dirty. Sorry...onward...

Apparently Dexter Fowler is wearing down from the season grind, also suffering from growing pains in his back, as he has grown an inch in the past year. I can't imagine. I'm younger than Dex and I don't believe I've grown in almost eight years. Gonzalez is also really starting to hit - he sports a .444 clip since the ASB.

All of a sudden, Carlos has better statistics in his 111 ABs than Dex does in his 319. CarGo has a better strikeout rate (yes, seriously), a better average, better slugging percentage and better wOBA. Is it time he steps in as the primary center fielder. An interesting quote from Jim Tracy:

Tracy admits his ideal roster would include Smith and Garrett Atkins pinch-hitting and Gonzalez and Fowler manning left and center field.

Still no love for Dixie. But hey, if Dex and CarGo earn it by hitting better than Seth Smith, I'm all for it. With a lefty on the mound tonight though, I'd expect Dexter and Spilly in the outfield to start.

Local Links

Rockies' trip to Philly will be a test | News
No kidding.

Trades show Rockies expect to win now | News
Thomas Harding doesn't buy in to some ignorant national opinions that the Rockies lost their ability to contend with the moves the Giants and Dodgers made. Adding bullpen arms to a horrible back end really does improve runs over actual replacement a great deal.

Giants, NL West are forces to be reckoned with - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Tracy Ringolsby gives love to the NL West to a national audience, which is not well received in the comments despite his well backed stance. Too bad ifs and buts aren't candy and statistics. He does cherry pick so much with one comment it's kind of hysterical though:

The Rockies' current bullpen is the only one in the bigs in which every active reliever has an ERA below 4.00.

Five of those pitchers have no more than 15 appearances with the Rockies, and the best ERA of the nine relievers otherwise used is Ryan Speier at 4.76. The best with over 5 appearances? Randy Flores at 5.63. Going forward, it does look bright. Jusy don't look back.

Improved statistics speak loudly for reliever Morales - The Denver Post
Opponents are hitting .103 off him. He's walked just one man in his last five outings. Even the grand slam he gave up to Tatis last week wasn't a bad pitch or location, though perhaps a bad pitch choice. Now level-headed, Frankie spoke with veterans Yorvit Torrealba and Rafael Betancourt to better understand pitch sequence. He is becoming quite the weapon in the pen. Good thing too - Philly has some scary lefties.

Saunders: Rockies' numbers not exact science - The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders looks at a few numbers that greatly, if not completely, illustrate the Rockies' season.

Other Links

The effects of the MLB trade deadline already are on display - ESPN
Buster Olney reflects on the trade deadline. Interestingly, he agrees with Rox Girl that Atlanta poses the greatest threat to the Giants and Rockies in the wild card. ESPN Insider required.

MLB - Baseball Prospectus - The Cardinals were the big winners at the trade deadline - ESPN
Baseball Prospectus now uses an improved playoffs-odds system to assess winners and losers at the 2009 MLB trade deadline. Insider access required again.

A Sarcastic Reminder Why the Elias Free Agent Rankings Are Dumb - Beyond the Box Score
You'd figure a sabermetric/statistic based blog would be averse to a ranking system that utilizes RBIs and Wins, as the Elias Free Agent Ranking system does. Sky Kalkman sounds off. Of note - the Rockies just added two Type B free agents in Joe Beimel and Rafael Betancourt.