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Friday Pebble Report: Michael Paulk homers twice, several players have three hit nights

Colorado Springs: L 7-8

Eric Young Jr. had three hits, including a triple, but he also had a costly error missing a catch on a sac bunt attempt in the ninth inning that led to the winning run scoring for Nasheville.

Tulsa: L 6-8

Mike Paulk homered twice for the Drillers, showing this sort of extra base hit ability has been missing in his game for much of the year. He has 26 extra base hits now, which just isn't going to cut it as a first baseman. Tulsa's extra base hit leaders for 2009:


  1. Ryan Harvey 35
  2. Cole Garner 34
  3. Michael McKenry 34
  4. Darin Holcomb 33
  5. Mike Paulk 26
  6. Daniel Mayora 25
  7. Jeff Kindel 25


Modesto: W 9-4

Charlie Blackmon had three hits. Bruce Billings returned from shoulder inflammation to pitch well. I know we talk a lot about Scott Beerer, but Jason Van Kooten leads Modesto in ISO (isolated slugging percentage).

Asheville: W 6-1L 1-2

Parker Frazier pitched well in the win, Alan Deratt and Shane Lindsay pitched alright in the loss, too, but there was not as much offensive support obviously. Jordan Pacheco had three hits in the victory.

Tri-City: W 6-4

It looks like a lot of good AB's throughout the lineup. Catcher Dallas Tarleton walked three times and got a hit for instance out of the eighth slot.

Casper: L 3-18