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Rockies 11, Cubs 5: No Pitching Necessary for Rockies Victory

Well, it wasn't pretty if you're a defensive or pitching enthusiast, but the Rockies' 11-5 drubbing of the Cubs was music to the ears of those who have been looking for the offense to break out in a big way.

The two teams combined for an incredible 31 hits in the game--and none of them left the yard. Indeed, there were twenty singles, ten doubles, and a triple in the game--not to mention four errors. Even so, it was a wonderful sight for Rockies fans, who clinched at least a split in the four game set. The Dodgers and the Giants both lost as well, meaning that the Rockies are now tied for the NL Wild Card lead and are now just 5.5 games back in the NL West.

61 - 50


Won 1


Jason Hammel (7-6) got the win despite allowing eleven hits and three runs in five-plus innings, putting out the fires he started and limiting the damage. The bullpen allowed two runs on six hits over four innings. In other words, it was a good thing that the Rockies decided to hit the stuffing out of the ball today. Todd Helton led the hit parade with a 3-4 day with two doubles while Carlos Gonzalez (3-5, RBI) and Yorvit Torrealba (2-3, 3 RBI) also enjoyed big days.

Box Score

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'Tis a beautiful sight, I tell you, dear sirs and madams.


Cries of Adulation for: Helton (.220 WPA), Matt Daley (.120), Dexter Fowler (.108)
Tribulation and Woe for: Hammel (-.074 net), Clint Barmes (-.040)


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