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Tuesday Rockpile: NL West leads flurry at second trade deadline

Contreras in the fold

It may be selective memory, but the waiver deadline for playoff rosters last night seemed busier than most traditional trade deadlines. The Rockies played a part, as did both of the remaining NL contenders.

First, what you care about most, is the Rockies acquisition of RHP Jose Contreras for AAA RHP Brandon Hynick. Dan O'Dowd's initial hope was to land Arizona starter Jon Garland, but balked at the price of Juan Nicasio. Rockie fans have probably been too high on Hynick, myself included, given his perfect game and stellar lower minor league numbers that likely won't translate to the big show.

RockiesMagicNumber will post a Counting Rocks article breaking down the trade, which I urge everyone to sneak a peak at during work or between classes. But in the meantime, I urge you not to judge this deal as a panicked move. Dan O'Dowd has proven himself as a more than capable general manager in the last four years, and believe it or not, there are things to like about Contreras. I'll let RMN prove that to you.

2009 - Jose Contreras 5-13 21 21 0 0 0 0 114.2 121 83 69 11 45 89 5.42 1.45

Just because the White Sox were through with their 2007 Opening Day starter doesn't mean they necessarily knew best, because of the top ten strangest transactions this season, Chicago has at least three of them.

Predictably Hynick was surprised, but also excited to be traded. He drops the cliche that a "trade means someone wants you" yet also mentioned that he'll have the opportunity to play closer to and actually at his hometown area of Cleveland.

Dave Cameron wrote about the Contreras deal as well as what the Giants and Dodgers were doing. Picking out a quote:

[Contreras'] stuff is still good, his peripherals are strong, but he remains awful when men are on base, so his absurdly low strand rates lead to less value than his FIP would suggest. Usually, we chalk stuff like that up to random variation.

For reaction from the White Sox fans, check out South Side Sox, or specifically, the following two articles:

Thome, Contreras Casualties of Underperforming Sox, Payroll Crunch - South Side Sox
Jim Thome and Jose Contreras became victims of the Sox lackluster play and impending payroll crunch. Thome increases his chances of reaching the World Series, while Contreras will frustrate his third franchise.

Jim Thome Traded to Dodgers, Jose Contreras to Rockies - South Side Sox
Jim Thome traded to Dodgers, Jose Conteras to the Rockies

Contreras will take Aaron Cook's rotations slot that will come up first on Saturday against Cincinnati.

Dodgers and Giants deal too

Dodgers add Thome, Garland; S.F. Penny - The Denver Post
Dodgers add Thome, Garland; S.F. Penny

Buster Olney says Joe Torre got his Straw man, meaning Jim Thome will play the role Darryl Strawberry did for Torre in New York.

Dodgers Add Jim Thome & Jon Garland - True Blue LA
The Dodgers bolstered their roster at the waiver trade deadline by adding Jim Thome and Jon Garland.

Making Sense of Brad Penny and the Giants - McCovey Chronicles
Checking out the nuptials between Brad Penny and the San Francisco Giants.

The Dodgers seem to have won with their haul of Thome, Garland and Belliard. They strengthened their rotation and added a power first-base left-handed pinch hitter, the exact same moves the Rockies made though likely better in both.


Troy E. Renck and Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post each take their turn previewing the exciting September stretch run.