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Monday Rockpile: Rockies look to put Giants in their place in pivotal series

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Rockies face Giants next in serious series - The Denver Post
Troy E. Renck has a great quote from Ubaldo Jimenez:

"All the pressure is on them," said Ubaldo Jimenez, who will pitch Tuesday for the Rockies. "We are in a better position. We are leading and can really make it hard on them if we play well."

Rockies stumble into huge series - The Denver Post
Find out what the Rockies' dirty little secret is in this piece by Troy E. Renck.

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Giants Need Sweep
Tracy Ringolsby writes why this series against the Rockies is HUGE for the Giants.

Cook works out, holds out hope for 2009 return - The Denver Post
The last time he was out for the rest of the regular season and returned during the playoffs, Cook couldn't have done more for the team on the mound . . . damn Red Sox buzzsaw.

MLB 2009 Attendance Comparison I - National League - Graph of the Day - Beyond the Box Score
A graphical look at Attendance vs. Wins. Apparently, ColoradoFan doesn't support the team according to this study. Hot Sheet: Prospect Hot Sheet: Sept. 11
The Rockies' Christian Friedrich placed #8 on Baseball America's final Prospect Hot Sheet of the season.


And happy 24th birthday to me!