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Tuesday Rockpile: Cook, Contreras, Francis all will throw in a "game" today

So does that butt-whooping from last night scare you?  It shouldn't.  As Tracy Ringolsby wrote for FOX Sports, the Giants need no less than a sweep, and tonight's game favors the Rockies all by itself.

With the win last night, San Francisco pulled within 3.5 games of the wild card with 18 games left to play.  In 2007, with 18 games left to play, the Rockies were 3.5 games out.  So sure - it's possible.  But does anyone think the Giants have a Rocktober run in them?  I don't, and neither does math, and math is always right.  Baseball Prospectus' odds have the Rockies at a 87% chance to make the post-season, which dropped 4% due to last night's loss.

In spite of the fact that Ubaldo Jimenez is coming back off of resting an injury, and in spite of the fact that the game is at AT&T Park, and in spite of the fact Barry Zito has owned the Rockies this year, Colorado is currently  -135 favorite to win tonight. Ubaldo is just that awesome.

Speaking of Zito, there had to be an explanation for his turnaround this season.  There is.  Max Marchi at THT wrote an article Friday, showing that Zito has abandoned his hard curve this year in favor of a slider.  He has been able to control the slider better, helping him to limit walks and hitters' counts.


Infirmary Report

Troy Renck:  Jeff Francis, Aaron Cook and Jose Contreras will throw all throw a simulated game today, with the latter two attempting to return in time to start September 25's game at Coors Field vs St Louis.  Jim Tracy says Cook looks "the best he's been all season" recent bullpen session, for what it's worth.

Huston Street will not take part in the simulated game, but he will throw a bullpen session.  Renck also notes that Jim Tracy will stick with Franklin Morales in the closer role when Street comes back until the erstwhile closer shakes off the rust.  No real surprises there.


Last Links

Renck posted his latest Mailbag.  One of the questions brings up the possibility of a play-in game for the wild card this season.  Fat chance.

On a related topic,  Tommy Bennett explores obsessively MLB's tie-breaker system, citing the "Massive Tie Scenario" as an issue.  It's a very interesting read.

Irv Moss:  In Denver Post's version of Rockies retro, Moss profiles my favorite Rockies pitcher of the mid-90's, when I found baseball as my love.  If you're unfamiliar with Rockies past, or even if you'd like a refresher, read about Roger Bailey, who had only three strong seasons in a pre-humidor Coors Field, as his career was cut getting rear-ended in Tucson.