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Friday Rockpile: Heading to Arizona, Rockies offense needs to click

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Rox lead NL Wild Card, but need offense | News
Streaky and strike-out prone, the Rockies' offense needs to find its groove again.

Krieger: Rockies' K's are nothing special - The Denver Post

When they strike out more than seven times a game, their winning percentage is .446, according to general manager Dan O'Dowd. When they strike out less than that, their winning percentage is .671.

Rockies' Betancourt a good bet in clutch - The Denver Post

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Great Leaps Forward, NL
Kevin Goldstein looks at some of those prospects for NL teams who took large steps forward this past season. For the Rockies, Goldstein chose Christian Friedrich for "one of the best breaking balls around" and his "more than enough" fastball. His runner-up is Juan Nicasio, our 17th-ranked PuRP.

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