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Saturday Rockpile: Helton injured, reactions from last night, plus more

Game Recaps:

Rockies blow 4-1 lead - The Denver Post
Included is a quote from Todd Helton, who was hit in the shin by a Carlos Gonzalez foul ball in the ninth inning.

"It hurt bad," he said. "It was just one of those freak things. I think I'm going to be OK. We'll have to see tomorrow."

Though he is fighting his way through a slump, the Rockies really can't afford to lose Helton to injury. The defense at first base would instantly take a huge hit with Garrett Atkins or Jason Giambi being thrown out there.

Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - Recap - September 18, 2009 - ESPN

Hawpe's miscue, bats' silence costly | News

Inside the Colorado Rockies " Recap: Diamondbacks 7, Rockies 5 | Major League Baseball in Denver

Other Links:

Stewart's power stroke returning | News
Though he didn't show much of it last night, Ian Stewart has been hitting the ball well lately. Hopefully a trip back home will help him continue to do so. The Rockies need him to perform well down the stretch. His bat is in an important place in the lineup.

Brian Roberts and Kendry Morales headline my All-Underrated Team - Ted Keith -
Keith picks Huston Street as the closer for his 2009 All-Underrated Team. Prior to his injury, Street had very similar numbers to Mariano Rivera (aside from ERA).

Video - Ken Rosenthal on NL Wild Card race and more - Fox Sports
Ken Rosenthal doesn't think the Giants will catch the Rockies. I wonder if he'll change his mind after seeing last night's events unfold.

Sandwich Awards: New York Yankees, Joe Mauer/Michael Cuddyer, Hal McCoy - ESPN
I'm not extremely keen on bringing this up right now, but Rob Neyer does some statistical comparisons for this season's "amazing comeback" by the Rockies to that of 2007. As it turns out, 2007 was a bigger feat. Check out the article to see why.

Hard-luck Hammel not focused on stats | News
When four Rockies starting pitchers reached 10 wins, it seemed only a matter of time before right-hander Jason Hammel would hit double figures. But wins have not been coming for Hammel. Let's hope that changes tonight.