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Something to liven your Saturday Afternoon - A Rundown on the Rockies for the Uneducated

Earlier this week, Poseidon's Fist was approached by Joe of "The Sports Show Live" to give him and his listeners a rundown on the Rockies, our philosophies, and what the team is all about, along with some playoff forecasting.

Regrettably, PF was unavailable to participate in The Sports Show Live, so I was asked to fill in for him.

This audio clip is the 12-minute segment I recorded with Joe via telephone. Joe was pretty engaging and we chatted a bit about the Rockies moving forward after the recording was done. Being a sports show that covers sports as a whole, I was impressed with what Joe had to ask. He didn't have his finger on the pulse like we here do, but he did know what he was talking about, for the most part. I was more than happy to fill him in on the rest.

RockiesMagicNumber with Joe from The Sports Show Live

The Sports Show Live is Live every Monday and Thursday at 9pm Eastern Standard time.