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Sunday Rockpile: Power up top from Carlos Gonzalez and others pushing Rockies in 2009

Carlos Gonzalez's lead-off home run last night was his second this month against the Diamondbacks, duplicating the accomplishment he had off of Doug Davis on September 5th. While lead-off first inning HR's are a great way to get a game off on the right foot, having power from the lead-off position at all, regardless when in the game it comes, is a luxury the Rockies haven't had for several seasons until 2009. And by several seasons, I mean at least as far back as 1993, as that's where my records for the Rockies are cut off due to a flood or something.., oh wait...

Yep, the 17 jacks by Rockies leadoff hitters this season is a franchise record, the old record was shared by the 1998 and 1999 teams when Neifi Perez was the primary lead-off hitter. Gonzalez has a chance to break Perez's single season team record of 8 HR's by a #1 hitter, especially considering all six of CarGo's homers in that slot this year have come since August 18. Why it's taken the Rockies this long to realize that you can have hitters who steal bases and get on base a lot and hit HR's from the #1 slot in the batting order is probably a question best left unpondered by Rockies fans or it might lead you to drink, but better late than never, I guess.

Just for a kick, here's a stroll back through the Rockies players to hit HR's while batting leadoff through this decade. And indeed, we really did have a manager that thought it a good idea to give Eddy Garabito more PA's than anybody else one game:


2009: 17

  • Carlos Gonzalez 6
  • Dexter Fowler 4
  • Ryan Spilborghs 3
  • Seth Smith 3
  • Eric Young Jr. 1


2008: 9

  • Clint Barmes 5
  • Spilborghs 2
  • Smith 1
  • Willy Taveras 1


2007: 5

  • Taveras 2
  • Spilborghs 2
  • Cory Sullivan 1


2006: 7

  • Jamey Carroll 4
  • Kazuo Matsui 2
  • Sullivan 1


2005: 9

  • Barmes 5
  • Aaron Miles 1
  • Luis A. Gonzalez 1
  • Eddy Garabito 1
  • Sullivan 1


2004: 11

  • Miles 6
  • L.A. Gonzalez 4
  • Jorge Piedra 1


2003: 11

  • Ronnie Belliard 7
  • Juan Uribe 4


2002: 1

  • Juan Pierre 1


2001: 4

  • Pierre 2
  • Mark Little 1
  • Todd Walker 1

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