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Monday Rockpile: Rockies have a day off before last games of the regular season at Coors

Rockies lead back to 4 1/2 games - The Denver Post
Jim Tracy called yesterday's victory "very, very special," and now the team is up 4.5 games in the Wild Card column. Go Rockies!

Torrealba on a tear with runners in scoring position - The Denver Post
Yorvit Torrealba--still hot.

Giambi seemingly in right place, right time - The Denver Post
While the main part of this article is about Jason Giambi, there's a comment from Jim Tracy about Clint Barmes and his sac bunt:

"(Barmes) was so impressed with it, he stood there admiring it," Tracy joked.

The Baseball Analysts: Best Fastballs in Baseball
Ubaldo Jimenez has the fourth-best fastball according to this study.

All About Managers | FanGraphs Baseball
Plot Clint Hurdle on the second graph.

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