This should be fun for any Rockies fan...

First post so give me a break haha. OK so since their is no game tonight I'm going a little nuts. With the season coming to an end in 12 games and the postseason quickly arriving. Anyways, I love to analyze standings and figure out things and figured I would post this for everybody to see and up your excitement some more. I'm going to explain this in the best way I know how, if I lose you I'm sorry haha.

OK starting with remaining schedules for reference:

San Diego - 3 games
St. Louis - 3 games
Brewers - 3 games
@LA - 3 games

San Fran
@ARI - games
- 4 games
Ari - 3 games
@SD - 3 games

@ NY mets - 2 games
@ Washington - 3 games
Florida - 3 games
Washington - 4 games

Philly - 3 games
NY Mets - 3 games
@Atlanta - 3 games
@philly - 3 games

I won't get into tie-breakers as that would just be confusing. But here is where it gets fun...won't post the whole grid as it's easy to figure out but it points out how close we are to making the playoffs.

Finishing record over last 12 games and wins, so to explain if Colorado goes 4-8 they finish with 89 wins, to match SF has to go 8-4, Atlanta has to go 9-3 and so does Florida. Than 5-7 and so on...

Colorado SF ATL Florida

4-8 89 wins 8-4 89 wins 9-3 89 wins 9-3 89 wins

5-7 90 wins 9-3 90 wins 10-2 90 wins 10-2 90 wins

6-6 91 wins 10-2 11-1 11-1

7-5 92 wins 11-1 12-0 12-0

8-4 93 wins 12-0

and so on...So their you have it literally a 6-6 record makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to catch Colorado. SF would need 10 wins to tie and 11 to pass. Anyways didn't realize it would only take a .500 record. Oh and our magic number is 9 to clinch. 9 wins guarantees the WC, any combination of Colorado wins and SF losses that equal 9 means we clinch. So their you have it, if your a Colorado fan I'm sure you're happy :)

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