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Friday Rockpile: What's good for the organization is good for you. Lunch Links


There's not really much of a correlation between having minor league affiliates go to the playoffs and future success for a franchise, but this many affiliates making playoff runs does indicate a maturity of the Rockies system which bodes well for the team's depth next season. I guess the takeaway is that there should be parts to fill small gaps in 2010 and beyond affordably rather than having to go out and spend for bench players and the back of the bullpen in free agency.

More EY and EY2 news, this from a source local to their hometown.

Tracy Ringolsby writes for FoxSports about Jim Tracy's chances for NL Manager of the Year. I'd say they're pretty decent considering the Rockies turnaround, but should a late season choke take place by the Rockies, it might be enough to dissuade the voters from selecting him. It's good for the organization all around if he's successful. Also take note of Brad Penny's quote at the bottom of the article, it doesn't sound like Colorado was ever a possibility in his mind, and he even just used Florida for a little bit of leverage with the Giants.

Rest is the prescription, but there's a ticking clock on the Rockies season in the meantime. Joe Beimel's lack of success thus far doesn't help, as Franklin Morales might be our only decent LHP out of the bullpen if that continues, and moving him to the closer's role ties the team to what's thus far been an unreliable part in high leverage situations.

Coincidentally, I have a soft spot for Hurdle, really, now that he's no longer managing.