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Tuesday Pebble Report: Dust Devils take 1-0 lead, Tulsa and Modesto win big.

I'm on a road trip currently in Rochester, NY, so I have to keep this brief. Others can go ahead and comment on the games if they so wish.

Colorado Springs 2, Tacoma 11

Samuel Deduno was called up to pitch a do or die game for Colorado Springs and the result was death for the Sky Sox. Deduno actually wasn't as bad as the final score indicates, a seven run eighth inning off of Scott Munter turned a close game into a rout.

Tulsa 18, NW Arkansas 4

Nice of the Drillers to come up with the win they needed a day too late.

Modesto 18, High Desert 6

High Desert is one of those Cal League South Division ballparks that skew the league so far to the hitter friendly side that it makes people underrate offensive players from North Division teams like Modesto where the stadiums are far more pitcher friendly. As you can see, move the Nuts to these environs, and they do pretty well.

Asheville 1, Greenville 5

Tri-City 2, Salem Keizer 0

Tri-City rides to a 1-0 lead in their championship series on the back of a strong Sheng-An Kuo start.  

Casper 3, Orem 10