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Monday Rockpile: Rockies interested in Miguel Batista?

Rockies touch base about reliever Batista - The Denver Post
Miguel Olivo and Miguel Batista have something in common: their agent. Martin Arburua represents them both, and he discussed Batista with the Rockies while closing out Olivo's deal. Batista turned in a better 2009 after a terrible 2008, when he moved between the rotation and the bullpen, by settling in the Mariners' pen full time. He posted a 0.1 WAR last year and in his other season as a reliever (2005) a 0.6. Batista had a 4.9 BB/9 last year and a 4.1 for his career. RockiesMagicNumber had a thought on Batista back in the summer when the Rockies may have been interested in him.

Saunders: Rockies' rotation hinges on Francis - The Denver Post
Similar to one aspect of Rox Girl's post yesterday, Patrick Saunders opines that Jeff Francis is the key to the Rockies' rotation and the NL West title.

Giants sign Aubrey Huff - McCovey Chronicles
McCovey Chronicles rates the Aubrey Huff signing:

It's a C-minus move for a C-minus front office, which is much preferable to the F-minuses I've been conditioned to expect over the last five years, and starting Ishikawa again would have been a D-plus decision, if that.

Move a couple of paragraphs above that quote and there you'll find a large number of ifs just to be average.