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Tuesday Rockpile: Ryan Spilborghs avoids arbitration, Tracy "has not lost confidence" in Iannetta

As reported yesterday by Troy Renck and relayed by Russ, the Rockies signed Ryan Spilborghs to a two-year, $3.25-million deal to avoid arbitration.  That leaves Jason Hammel and the two late-inning relievers left to strike a deal.  

Also avoiding arbitration were Chad Qualls and Aaron Heilman of the D-Backs.



Rockies catcher Iannetta hoping for rebound - The Denver Post 
Renck checked in with our favorite Rhode Islander (and I mean player, RIRF).  Along with two quotes, one interesting fact Renck uncovered is Iannetta's actual nickname in the clubhouse.  It's not Doom, Dreamy, Destructobum or Demonic Antichristian.  It's...Sponge.  I'm guessing that won't catch on here, but at least it suggests a quality in CDI we would like to see.  As for the quotes:

"[The contract] was totally unexpected after the way I played," Iannetta said. "This takes a load off. I am the kind of person that worries about what is going to happen next. Now, I am not going to press as much."

We can only hope the Sponge (wait, am I really doing that?) knows himself well enough and will indeed not press.  

"I can't stress enough that I have not lost confidence in Chris," Tracy said.

Jim Tracy may be just as instrumental in deciding Iannetta's playing time as Iannetta himself, so this is an interesting proclamation, given it is borderline undeniable that Tracy lost confidence in Chris last season.  Lip service or honest confidence?



One of's lead stories is on the next wave of shortstops making a splash, a grouping of five in which Tulo finds himself second behind Hanley Ramirez and ahead of Yunel Escobar, Jose Reyes and Erick Aybar.  Jim Tracy speaks again, this time about his shortstop:

"At the real old age of 24, this guy is going to be around for a while. And there are a lot of things about that person that's very, very special. This is a franchise player that you're talking about."

Unfortunately for the Rockies, Tulo was born in 1984, so he is NOT 24.


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