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Saturday Rockpile: Questions surround the Rockies as they enter a new decade

Questions follow Rockies into 2010 | News
Thomas Harding throws out nine burning questions regarding the Rockies heading into 2010. One of these questions seemingly has already been answered (although nothing is official, as of yet), as the Rox have acquired Miguel Olivo, and in the process, have filled the role of backup catcher.

Introducing ARJS - Beyond the Box Score
Dan Turkenkopf from BtBS has introduced a new statistic - appropriately titled "Another Releiver Junk Stat - to measure the performance of relief pitchers. The formula in itself is pretty interesting, as it uses a combination of traditional stats (relief appearances) and sabermetrics (maybe they all do...I'm not a sabertard, so I wouldn't really know). Colorado's own Huston Street places in the top ten - at number four, to be exact - while nobody from the Rox made the bottom ten.

Colorado’s Catching Situation | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Zach Sanders sheds some statistical light on the Rockies' soon-to-be catching situation, comparing Miguel Olivo and Chris Iannetta (although primarily focusing on Iannetta). He thinks what we all think - that barring a catastrophe, Iannetta will have a firm grip on the starting job.

Tigers catcher Laird, brother arrested in Arizona - ESPN
Is it just me, or do things like this seem to have more of a negative effect on baseball players than they do athletes of other sports? Maybe it's just because I saw what happened to this guy and this guy.